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Christmas Posting Dates

The UK is having a frequent succession of Royal Mail strikes over the November/December period. These include full day strikes and also days with only certain departments striking. These are subject to change.

The current dates are:
November: 25, 30
December: 1, 9, 11, 14, 15, 23, 24

I expect this will cause a lot of delays when posting parcels so please be mindful that your package may take a little longer to get to you. Royal Mail is already showing some delays so take these dates as guides only. I cannot be responsible for late parcels as things are so very unpredictable in our society and mailing system at the moment - I expect lots of christmas pressies will only add to this.

I will do my upmost to ensure your orders are in the postal system ASAP from the date you have ordered them, but I cannot confirm your packages will get to you before Christmas. I will be popping daily to the Post Office on the run up to the 25th until I physically can't. They are accepting parcels until the 23rd of December (although you definitely wouldn't get it by Christmas then, haha) but anyway, delayed pressies means longer celebrations...right?

Last recommended posting date - Friday 16th December

Last recommended posting date - Thursday 1st December

Your orders will need to be submitted before these dates to ensure I can post them on time.
More details can be found HERE on the Royal Mail website.

Lots of Love,
Stoned Affection